Wedding Video Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yes we can. Contact us to find out.

Q. Why can I not see any packages advertised?

A. Our name goes on your film., every job is as valuable as the previous and the next one. We assess each job to work out the best way to film your big day, and of course we include you in these discussions.

Q. How many camera’s / operators do you use?

A. This depends on the shoot and any complexities. E.g. if you are riding on a boat and would like us to cover this, then we need to use additional equipment and operators. We remain fully transparent on cost.

Q. Typically how long does it take to have the finished edit?

A. Typically we quote 12 weeks. Editing is not a simple task…there is lots to be done, and lots of our productions are very complicated (E.g. different language), Syncing audio, colour grading,¬†optimising, authoring etc – these tasks all take time, often with multiple jobs in the queue.

Q: What is a film and what are the live edits?

A: The film is your creative edit.. The Live Edit allows you to relive your ceremony (vows, reception, dances, and your speeches) in their entirety, without special editing but full coverage.